Spring fashion ideas for 2024

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New year, new wardrobe. The defining 2024 fashion trends are already taking shape with barely four weeks of the year gone, courtesy of the spring fashion catwalk shows.

The warmer spell of weather across large parts of the UK has seen spring flowers starting to show their splendour and for many of us our thoughts are turning to a beautiful British countryside Spring day and nothing says Spring like a full wardrobe of the latest trending inspirational country clothing.

Hartwell has an exciting Spring/Summer 2024 collection to unveil very soon.

So let’s look at the fashion trends for spring and see what we can expect from the UK’s fashion industry and how contemporary countrywear will again be in vogue for 2024.

Be ready for Spring Fashion

So here come the spring fashion trends for 2024! Make sure your wardrobe is ready with contemporary looks that always turn heads. The casual vibe still remains strong in the minds of British fashion gurus and Hartwell Clothing have been working feverishly in the background on our exciting Spring/Summer collection additions.

Whether you seek elegant outfits for the farm office, your outings to town for a brunch meet up, or whenever you simply want to look beautifully put together, many of Hartwell’s fashion staples will be your next wardrobe heroes.

Think About Your Country clothing style

We are confident that the fashion house’s Spring collections will yet again raise that long running annual chicken or egg debate across the industry, that being, do catwalk showpieces still determine trends or does social media?

The catwalk collections across the industry have been featuring white in every manner possible. From sheer floral dresses to Victorian-esque layers, white clothes have been everywhere. This is a super easy trend to jump on, however we certainly can’t see the shift to sheer fabrics catching on in country clothing.

We’re of course always looking and keeping abreast of what the experts think to gauge trends, and we love a recent quote from Aya Kanai, the head of editorial and creative content for shopping at Google and she says “I’m betting on shades of British Countryside green for 2024,”

Now that’s an opinion we are happy to support and we love the fresh energy that comes with Spring blooming in the British Countryside.

Our design team at Hartwell clothing pride themselves on being ahead of the curve and when we see the catwalks filled with bold floral designs, all shades of green and bright colour prints we give a nod to our accomplished and forward thinking designers.

Of course social media is a driver and Hartwell’s social media platforms like facebook and instagram give us some great feedback from our lovely customers and followers on our latest additions and what you would like to see from Hartwell clothing.

The good news is that with beautiful and practical countryside designer clothing you can change your vibe to fit your mood. The question when you look in your wardrobe is “who do you want to be today”.

Are you feeling that sophisticated city or town vibe or is it a practical countryside day out with the dogs or getting things done in the stables or on the farm.

The country clothing trend is a fantastic way to play with fun prints and transition slowly into the Spring/Summer season or you can go all in with brightly coloured country shirts, blouses and dresses emulating floral styles with vibrant colours.

White and strong floral prints are an easy way to look stylish fast so take a sneak peek at Hartwell’s Spring/Summer 2024 lookbook

One of the more obvious Spring fashion trends for 2024 has seen a resurgence of Gingham.

Now we all know that Gingham isn’t exactly a new trend, but with the bright, summery pattern typically making the rounds each Spring, when paired with the silhouettes favoured in 2024, we are sure to see some exciting new takes on this beloved fabric.

Our Malu blue check shirt in Hartwells much anticipated Spring Summer 2024 collection will surely wow the lovers of country wear fashion and hits the spot with the spring catwalks use of gingham check styles.

But if you can’t wait until the March collection is released and want to add spring chic to your wardrobe then think Hartwells fabulous Luna Blue Gingham short sleeved luxury shirt with our beautiful Rosie Luxury Cotton Stretch jeans for a simple but stylish day to day outfit.

Spring fashion - Hartwell

Trends that don’t fit with contemporary countrywear

It appears, the fashion industry cannot get enough of sheer fabrics and designs. We know it’s a season when everyone is ready to shed those heavier winter layers for something a little airier, but do you really need to be showing off your birthday suit to be fashionable? We think not.

Rather than planning to bare it all come spring, sensible free thinking designers are providing their audiences with more options to choose from and that includes Hartwell.

Our clothes are lightweight and flatter the female form in a chic and stylish portrayal, rather than an extravaganza of flesh being on show.

Beautifully designed high-waisted trousers and jeans with the female form in mind and elongated silhouettes redefine the fashion norm as these designs play with our perceptions of traditional clothing structures. At Hartwell we make life simpler.

Spring fashion - Hartwell

Let’s close for Spring Fashion

In conclusion, the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion trends are a mix of country nostalgia, comfort and practicality, personal expression, and a conscious reaction to our changing environment as we move away from the wanton waste policies of fast fashion. 

Hartwell’s stunning new Spring/Summer collection represents an evolution in fashion, where the lines between past and future blur to create a uniquely contemporary moment in style.

We depict the very best of the British countryside in our clothing with sustainable policies that ensure our clothes last for decades.

Visit Hartwell Clothing’s online store or call into one of our wonderful UK wide stockists and dive into the wonderful colours, designs, and styles that Spring fashion trends offer for 2024.

Live well, dress well, Hartwell.

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