Spring fashion ideas for 2024

Gemma Hartwell Clothing

New year, new wardrobe. The defining 2024 fashion trends are already taking shape with barely four weeks of the year gone, courtesy of the spring catwalk shows. The warmer spell of weather across large parts of the UK has seen …


Make it a Velvet New Year

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What is velvet and why is it seen as such a luxurious fabric?  The word Velvet is synonymous with luxury and smoothness and is very often used as a descriptive term for “paint, chocolate or a velvet smooth voice” It’s …

ROSIE Bottle Green Velvet

Ladies Winter trousers for 2024

Gemma Hartwell Clothing

At Hartwell Clothing we totally understand the importance of having the perfect trousers for women who enjoy spending their time outdoors or are working in the countryside. Hartwell’s quality women’s trousers are designed and beautifully cut to wear while you’re …

Dog Walking

Countryside Winter Dog Walking

Gemma Hartwell Clothing

For those that already live and work in the countryside we know that a dog is a joy to have, both for company at home, guarding the farm and to just enjoy those beautiful long countryside walks nicely wrapped up …

SALLY Navy Pheasants

Buying from Hartwell Clothing

Gemma Hartwell Clothing

Buying quality countrywear from Hartwell Clothing online has never been easier and we love the feedback from our customers about how customer friendly and simple shopping online with Hartwell is.  We always enjoy talking about our great range of Ladies …

Camilla and The Royals

Gemma Hartwell Clothing

It’s very often the case that a team chat in the Hartwell clothing office over coffee and cookies can often result in a few blog topic ideas being thrown into the conversation and today’s blog is the result of one …