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Summer fashion ideas for 2024

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Can you feel the warmth of the sunshine, hear the birds tweeting and start to anticipate that lovely summer feeling of the grass beneath your toes?

Maybe not quite yet, but sure as a Cock crows, it’s getting closer.

Every year, the onset of a glorious British summer brings with it a fresh wave of fashion trends, and 2024 is no different. Hartwell’s wonderful vibrant colours and prints along with classic white items in our Spring/Summer 2024 collection along with our much loved Hartwell wardrobe staples means that Hartwell clothing is ahead of the catwalks and aligned with this year’s summer 2024 trends that are already a major part of the design’s in our quality contemporary countrywear..

For those of you that are fans of bold prints and happy to take your look to the next level, mixed matched prints can work so don’t be afraid to layer different prints, but just ensure there is a cohesiveness to the overall outfit style.

A Take on Summer 2024 Fashion

Looking at the widely diverse range of ideas in the summer 2024 fashion house collections, we found ourselves consciously being drawn to the garments that are genuinely wearable and that customers could envisage, enhancing their wardrobe.

Fashion shows are regularly a treasure trove of tulle, sparkle and glitter that are created to catch the eye. However many of these creations, though delightful and entertaining, fail to hold up in reality. Escapism is not a bad thing from time to time, but practical countryside lovers and workers need to be able to live in their clothing.

British countrywear has always featured a workable mix of tradition, practicality, and some styling. It has always been sturdier than everyday clothing and it’s fair to say that there was a strong emphasis on waterproofing and durability over stylish cuts and more comfortable materials.

Traditionally colours have always been more basic, and British country wear tended to come in a natural palette of greens, browns, blues, and other earth tones.

Nothing wrong with those, but as time has moved on ladies and gents who live and work in the British countryside have demand chic styling and brighter colours with an element of practicality from their countrywear/

And that’s what Hartwell Clothing delivers.

Country fashion is about mixing the stylish with the practical and we feel we accomplish this time and time again.  There will always be stalwarts who feel that country clothing should remain unchanged, but at Hartwell we embrace contemporary, and celebrate innovation and change. Why shouldn’t you team a stunning contemporary country style dress with your boots? It’s the perfect contrast to have a feminine chic dress worn with well-worn boots; it’s also a unique look for summer festivals!

Tantalising tweeds will always be on trend, but why not embrace the summer of 2024’s fashion landscape with bold prints and energetic colours such as stunning pinks, vibrant yellows, and deep reds.

Hartwell’s beautiful Sally Wine flowers with its sumptuous wine coloured floral print is perfect with boots for summer events, or equally as gorgeous is Hartwell’s brand new Ruby yellow field dress with a luscious country print that screams summer, and looks perfect with brown leather boots.

Add a Hartwell 100% Italian silk scarf with a fantastic array of colours to choose from, and your summer look is set.

The British countryside in the height of summer is unbeatable and a dedicated, versatile  summer wardrobe is an absolute must.

The summer fashion show catwalks were less ostentatious than many previous launches, as many designers approached their collections with extra consideration to the world’s uncertain economic backdrop.

Customers have become more mindful too, further aware of their consumption. Yes, there will always be an appetite to shop, but there is a deliberate attempt to be less ostentatious about it and promoting sustainable fabrics and manufacturing to fight back against the recent throw away fashion culture that Hartwell Clothing refuses to endorse, receiving a firm boost from designers.

Fashion customers are looking more to garments that feel realistic for their lives. That means trousers that are cut just right, knitwear that looks good whether you’ve thrown it over a country style dress,  a classic white Oxford shirt or with some stunning leggings from the Hartwell collection.

Lets not forget the Gentlemen and we really don’t talk enough about Hartwells stunning range of mens country shirts. To stay en vogue with the classic white trend, our Victor Hunting luxury men’s shirt in monochromatic black and white or the beautiful pheasant prints on our Victor Black Pheasants luxury men’s shirt will certainly turn a few heads this summer.

These wonderful country shirts for men look great with jeans, chino style trousers and give evening jackets and elevated style lift.

Final Summer Wardrobe Words

As consumers become more familiar with the downsides of fast fashion, there’s a rising interest in pre-loved and thrifted items, as well as brands that champion sustainable materials and practices and transparency.

As our existing customers already know, Hartwell Clothing recently entered an exciting partnership with Switch2zero, and have undertaken a pioneering environmental initiative dedicated to promoting sustainability. Together in partnership, Hartwell are taking a significant step towards creating a greener future by integrating tree planting with every purchase made on our platform. 

Whether you will be visiting a stately home or meeting friends in the local pub, or packing up orders in the farm shop, make sure you’re looking your country best this season and enjoy the Great British summer.

Keep a lookout for updates on where and when Hartwell Clothing will be attending some of this year’s 2024 summer shows or country fairs.

Live well, dress well, Hartwell

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