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For those that already live and work in the countryside we know that a dog is a joy to have, both for company at home, guarding the farm and to just enjoy those beautiful long countryside walks nicely wrapped up in your Hartwell Clothing winter wardrobe.

If you are moving to the country or visiting and don’t have a dog, we highly recommend that you buy or borrow one. Either way, get yourself a dog.

But dog countryside winter walking in Britain requires the right clothing and footwear and you must also consider your dog and the minor hazards that can be encountered.

winter dog walking

A canine friend is guaranteed to get you outdoors in the fresh air every day, in all weathers. There’s something infectious about a dog’s pleasure and the frantic wagging of its tail at being released into the outdoors. But are humans really so different? After all, quality time spent in the open air can significantly change your day for the better.

A long dog walk in the countryside should be a relaxing activity for both you and your dog. Unfortunately, not all dogs are well-behaved on country walks, which can be both stressful and dangerous for some owners.

Like humans, not all dogs deal with the cold in the same way and those smaller, less hardy, but equally as lovable breeds may need a little cover or winter walking coat to help them enjoy the walk more. You might be warm and toastie in a Hartwell Jacket or wearing the latest knitwear from Hartwell, but spare a thought for the dogs as well.

Most breeds however will be fine in the winter frosts and certainly working dogs and farm dogs are very used to being out in the wonderful crisp fresh air. Even so, be mindful of hidden obstacles in the snow and maybe a good rub down with a thick towel when you get home will help doggies circulation and spare the fireside rug from those muddied wet paws.

The winter season obviously means we need to keep warm but there is no need to throw our sense of style out of the window. Hartwell clothing’s contemporary country clothing range is ideal for all of the seasons we experience here in the British countryside.

Walking your dog in the winter is not all about Jackets, hats, leggings and gloves as you may want to call into the pub for a fireside warmer or visit friends on the way. Make sure you have planned ahead with a Hartwell Ladies country shirt or blouse under the jacket and maybe one of our beautiful 100% silk scarves which add a wonderful splash of colour however you wear them.

Just a few great dog walking spots

Sometimes your local farm or riverside meadow is the most glorious spot in the world with your dog, but if you want to take the dog on a walking adventure and grab a weekend away yourself, here are a few ideas

The Lake District in Cumbria is teeming with walks to tempt the whole family and the dogs will love it. In the winter, the mountain tops are dusted with snow and the Great British countryside turns into a winter wonderland. Whether you want to brave a climb up Helvellyn or take a stroll along Lake Buttermere, there’s a winter walk out there for everyone.

The Beatrix Potter walk takes you on a journey around Lake Windermere and over Claife Heights. On the way, you’ll explore the landscapes that inspired the classic tales of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny.

But make sure the dog is not on the hunt for Rabbit!

Henrhyd Falls in beautiful Wales is perfect for winter dog walks. If you’d like to walk in Wales this winter, you should visit the Brecon Beacons. This is a national park full of breath-taking waterfalls, caves, and reservoirs. The paths are close to the ground, so they offer a safer and less exposed hike than on a snow-covered mountain.

The waterfalls in Brecon Beacons National Park are anything but ordinary. In fact, Henrhyd Falls stands at 27m tall and is the biggest waterfall in South Wales! Bring a backpack filled with winter treats such as a flask of hot chocolate and shortbread biscuits and enjoy the beautiful sights with your family.

But don’t forget the dog treats or as you sip your drink and munch on a biscuit you will be met with sorrowful puppy eye stares.

A great way to get off the couch this winter, is to grab the dog, put on your walking shoes and visit the green hills of Dorset. The county is home to some of the most scenic views in the country, including Corfe Castle

In winter, the crumbling ruins twinkle in the frost and loom in the mist. Can you think of a more atmospheric sight?

The walk around Corfe Castle can be as long (or short) as you or your dog want it to be. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can walk from Kimmeridge Bay and arrive at the Castle. The journey is fairly difficult with some muddy areas and worn-down footpaths but the payoff is well worth the trouble.

And what dog does not love a muddy path or puddle.

We can’t explore countryside winter dog walking in the UK without mentioning Glen Coe in the Scottish Highlands! One of many awe-inspiring locations and it offers a mesmerising sight of narrow valleys and peaking mountains that are perfect for winter dog walking.

If you’re eager to explore Glen Coe with your family, we recommend that you visit the Glencoe Lochan trails. The walking paths are easier to explore than the mountain tops, so it’s perfect for all dog walkers.

Grab your boots and the dog lead, and set off on an adventure that will allow you and man’s best friend to enjoy the wonderful Great British Countryside.

Last words on walkies

Walking in the countryside strengthens the bond with your pooch and over Christmas and the New Year it can help walk off seasonal excesses and let you really experience a different side of nature.

If you can’t commit to owning your own dog, you might consider walking a neighbour’s dog. There are lots of people out there who aren’t able to get out as often as they would wish. The Hartwell Clothing team have found a few wonderful  organisations who can put you in touch with dogs who need walking.

Become an RSPCA dog-walking volunteer. and maybe show a previously unloved dog a little care. Another great organisation is Cinnamon Trust that helps elderly and terminally ill people take care of their pets. 

And finally if you need a dog to walk so you can experience the crisp freshness of countryside winter dog walking you can contact the lovely people at Borrow My Doggy. 

 It’s time for walkies.

Live well, dress well, Hartwell.

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