What to wear to tackle the New Year Sales

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Welcome to 2024, the Christmas Turkey leftovers are finally finished and the last of the mince pies have been consumed, but it’s still very much winter outside. Your mind may already be wandering to the beautiful spring sunshine when that new Ditsy dress can be worn or maybe you’re dreaming far enough ahead to think about summer pub garden lunches or walks along the river bank in a stunning Hartwell Ladies country shirt.

The New Year sales have already begun and it’s a fantastic time to top up the Hartwell wardrobe, but a bit of planning goes a long way when visiting the sales. So many people come back with items in a bag, simply because they are heavily discounted but very rarely actually wear them.

It’s sensible to look for fewer quality garments that are multi purpose and will be wearable for multiple events across the season’s.

However, as many of you know a day at the sales can be hard work, and planning your outfit to tackle the sales madness is key to surviving the day warm, comfortable and not over stressed.

Dress for success at the sales

Whether you’re joining the crowds in Oxford Street and Regent Street, heading into your local town or visiting city shopping centres, you will still want to show off your unique fashion style and contemporary countrywear will make sure you stand out in a crowd. Comfortability and flexibility is key, so let’s talk about the one garment you will want to embrace, Leggings and Jeans.

Simple and classic and perfect for tackling the New Year sales and showing off your stylish dress sense.

Fairly new to Hartwell Clothing are our absolutely stunning Rosie Velvet Jeans. These beautifully cut stretch velvet jeans have been carefully designed to flatter the female form. The waistband sits on the true waist and there is a distinct lack of clutter to create a clean silhouette. They are available in a great range of colours such as Navy, Bottle Green, Brown & Wine. 

To make sure you get the perfect fit and easy movement for moving around the sales, we recommend going one size up as these jeans are a smaller fit. 

In Hartwell’s awesome Rosie Velvet Jeans you will stand out in the crowd even on Regent Street.

And Hartwell’s Rosie range offers even more choice for the discerning country clothing buyer who wants to look fab in the country, wonderful in the towns and stunning in the big City.

Go a little more country with our Rosie Luxury Stretch Needlecord Jeans. These stunning jeans are perfect with boots and some Christmas knitwear or a versatile jacket. If your going to be working up a sweat in a shopping centre, running around grabbing the bargains then Hartwell’s Amanda Pheasants top accessorised with a silk scarf and a classic hat will ensure your a hit with the style gurus and dressed to move fast if the bargain item you spotted is low on stock.

The beautifully cut soft Rosie Luxury Stretch Needlecord Jeans have again been beautifully designed to flatter the female form with a form fitting tapered leg and being high-waisted the waistband sits on the true waist, and there is a distinct lack of clutter to create a clean silhouette.

Hartwell offers a great range of sizes from 8 to 18.

The Rosie range also includes the most stunning luxury stretch moleskin jeans which look and feel superb, as well as our luxury Cotton Stretch jeans in Navy, White or Beige.

If you are looking for the ultimate in easy movement clothing then Hartwell’s Leggings are more than perfect. These great quality leggings remain popular all year round with those people who live and work in the countryside or share a love of contemporary countrywear.

Mia Tweed Print Leggings  from Hartwell Clothing are super comfortable and have a gorgeous brown tweed print. With a high waisted fit for any body shape, they’re perfect for every occasion.with your favourite boots or winter shoes and can be worn with a wide range of Hartwell Tops

Alternatively if you prefer a pair of single colour leggings then our Mila thick stretch leggings are for you and will keep the winter chill out. These super comfortable thicker, stretch leggings are perfect for Autumn/Winter. Again they have a high waisted fit for any body shape so they’re perfect for tackling the sales and once you have dropped the bags, a visit to a champagne bar or afternoon tea in town. Available in Olive or Black.

Plan ahead for the sales

If you’re heading to London and planning a big sales shop, you should think about all those bags. If you’re staying down in town for the night you can easily do a run back to your hotel once you start to feel like a beast of burden, but if you’re just there for the day, here is a handy tip.

You can find left luggage facilities at London’s main train stations, airports and Victoria Coach Station. Luggage storage companies also have facilities at locations across the capital.

Make sure you are wearing a warm breathable jacket or Gilet and of course you should be wearing the most comfortable footwear you own and maybe break those new Christmas boots in another day.

If it’s a windy day the wind strength can be surprisingly strong along Oxford and Regent street, so if you want to protect your hair a great accessory for Hartwell’s leggings and jeans are our 100% Silk Scarves.

Last words

Don’t get caught in the New Year Sales price hype and end up buying cheap garments that pander to the fashion industries high waste statistics.

Think about quality and versatility and garments that can be utilised for multiple occasions and embrace sustainability fashion.

Don’t let the sales take their toll on your stress levels, and of course if you decide not to brave the high street, there are plenty of new year sales offers online.

Live well, dress well, Hartwell.

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