LILIAN Pure wool rust jacket

Quality Fabrics and how important it is to source the best fabrics for production

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Discerning shoppers spend a considerable amount of time getting to know exactly what they want in country clothing and the levels of quality available. If you want a high quality wardrobe then understanding the importance of fabrics is something you should consider.

If you know your fabrics and how they are made then you will be able to recognise a high quality garment straight away and know the difference between that piece and an item that looks pretty, but is unlikely to last more than 6 to 9 months once worn.

Fabrics are a key component in everything we do at Hartwell Clothing and we strike the right balance to deliver quality and style at a fair price.

The Search

When you’re building a high quality wardrobe or revamping the old one, recognising quality and its benefits are sometimes harder than you might think.

The throwaway fashion sector has become quite clever in trying to disguise its garments as better quality than they are. We have covered the fashion industry waste in a previous blog, so quality fabric use supports the industry’s initiative to change the throwaway culture.

What distinguishes a low-quality garment from a high-quality one?

For most people they see quality as delivering sturdy clothes that they can move in without experiencing ripping seams or popping buttons. Clothes should keep the same shape they had when you purchased them, and not shrink or stretch.

A significantly important component of any garment is its fabric. No matter how beautiful the details or how well-crafted the seams are, a garment made from poor quality fabric is never a good addition to your wardrobe.

When assessing the fabric of a garment you need to look out for two separate things:

  • the quality of the fabric itself
  • how suitable is the fabric is for that particular garment and its use
LILIAN Pure wool rust jacket

So let’s give you a couple of examples. Hartwells Lilian pure wool jacket is perfect for robust days in the country, shooting, attending a hunt or just taking a stroll as it is made from pure wool. It also has a suede collar and elbow pads, jetted pockets with flaps and an embroidered Hartwell stag. The rust colour complements so many other tones, it is equally at home with jeans or tweeds and perfect for winter autumn or breezy spring evenings.

Another great example of quality fabric used for producing an item of clothing that does exactly what it says on the tin is Hartwells Amanda Olive Foxes round neck top. Manufactured with a cashmere and wool mix, the fabric feels luxurious as soon as you put it on. 

This rich olive knitwear top is decorated with cute and cunning stylish foxes. Perfect for a day’s rambling or that important upcoming country fair where being seen dressed in quality is all part of the day . 

Countrywear has always had a requirement to be robust and hardwearing, it has to withstand the rigours of country life and still look good for the evening social or lunch at the pub. We also add that bit of panache and design flare so you look and feel special. 

Quality Fabric

The level of fabric experience members of the Hartwell team seem to have is unsurpassed. Fabric Gurus is an often used word in our offices for some team members.

To distinguish high quality fabrics from others there are particular properties that you need to be aware of, for example;

Distinguishing high-quality cottons and wool  from lower-quality grades is ascertained by measuring counts, to ensure you’re using the very best fabric for the job at hand.

A wool count is called as “super 70s, super 100s, and go’s up to “super 250s” Raymond Woolen Mill  is the Guinness world record holder for producing the highest quality of wool at “super 220s” and again broke its own record by producing “super 250s” it’s made up of 19.6 million micron.

Cotton is again measured by counts and may go up to 340 for 2 ply or 3ply. The higher ply cotton is strong and durable when compared to single ply.

An event often attend by the Hartwell Clothing team is the London Textile Fair

Widely renowned as the UK’s premier platform for fashion fabrics and apparel accessories, the show is held at the London business design centre twice a year, it’s an unmissable event for many industry professionals.

Classic fabrics that never go out of fashion because of their level of quality are still widely used, but the show also caters for what many involved in the fashion industry desire “innovation”.

The wrap

At Hartwell we deliver garments that are the best they can be for the price, and that means good quality fabrics are high on our list of values.

We recognise the importance of those quality fabrics for our production process and our brand name, but above all we want you the customer to continue to feel special when you wear Hartwell.

Live well, dress well, Hartwell.

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