The best types of clothing for Clay pigeon shooting

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For novices to the sport of clay pigeon shooting, a day’s shoot can often bring up those perplexing outfit decisions for ladies. What to wear, should I accessorise, can I be stylish and yet remain practical?

Panic not as this blog will offer you some helpful tips and hints. Also you will find that a clay pigeon shoot generally has less etiquette and rules regarding dress, but always check first to see if your chosen venue does have a dress code.

At Hartwell we would recommend safety and comfort as advised by the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association which states:

“For a have-a-go day or an introductory lesson, just wear casual clothes that will be comfortable for an hour or two outdoors. In summer, for instance, many shooters wear trainers, jeans and a T-shirt”

“Depending on the weather, you might want to add a fleece or jumper, boots and a waterproof coat. The advice is to dress comfortably”

So let’s take a look at what works, and how you can match fashion and femininity with practicality.

What works

I spent many years designing menswear and womenswear collections for other UK brands until, in 2018, urged on by

Some shoots can be a long day on your feet and while the exhilaration will see you through energy wise, think about what to wear.

Good stout boots or shoes which are waterproof (as you will also encounter the changing elements with the British weather) and comfortable clothing.

You need to be able to move and swing when handling the gun so we recommend a Hartwell cotton satin lycra shirt as a great choice. With the perfect combination of cool cotton and Lycra, these add stretch to the fabric. 

The cotton still delivers that breathable element, while the elasticity of Lycra will allow you unrestrained movement and you focus on the fun of the shoot.

If you are away for the weekend shooting then pack your colourful favourites for the evenings and your most comfortable lycra shirts for the shoot.

Also remember as this is shooting Clays, so no need to stalk live targets. That means bright colours are no problem and elegant style accessories will not alert your quarry. You are not restricted to wearing plain garments and can wear bright colours as you wish.

If you’re shooting in Autumn or on a blustery day a wool gilet over the top of your cotton lycra shirt. Is a good idea. Always good to have a few extra pockets. Check out our ADRIAN shooting shirts and AVA Rust Gilets if you really want to look the part!

So beef up the wardrobe with some colourful countryside themed printed shirts and explore our great range that delivers so many options for the perfect outfit for clay pigeon shooting as well as some easy and eye-catching options for the pub fireside as you chat over the day’s adventures.

And the added bonus is that if you do take a minor tumble or sidestep into a hedgerow, our Hartwell Lycra shirts are machine washable, up to a temperature of 30 degrees.

The Wrap

The choice is yours and we hope you thoroughly enjoy your days shooting.

But remember not all  shooting grounds are the same, so we advise that you contact your chosen venue to check their site and dress code.

Live well, dress well, Hartwell.

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