Three Cheers for The Game Fair!

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One of our early blog posts talked about how much we all missed the country fair circuit that sadly, like everything else, was obliterated last year thanks to our nemesis Mr Covid.

At that time we were in the thick of lockdown two and had no inkling of when we’d earn the right to feel a little more positive about life. How and when we might begin to enjoy all those things we took for granted uptil March last year.

Well, the vaccines have changed the mood of a nation and with Spring here, we recently received the news that so many thousands, or rather hundreds of thousands of country-loving Brits had been nervously awaiting for months. Was it on, was if off, would it really be possible to have so many of us attend a major event (even if it was outdoors and subject to new social distancing etiquette) ?

Then we heard the official announcement on 23rd Feb when the government confirmed that the largest country fair, the legendary Game Fair 2021 could go ahead!

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What IS The Game Fair?

For the uninitiated who may wonder what all the fuss is about, perhaps I should explain. To huge numbers of outdoor enthusiasts up and down the country, The Game Fair has become the singular iconic event that celebrates all there is to love about British country culture.

The Game Fair has now been running for over 60 years, having been established in 1958! An unmissable country show, the Game Fair in Warwickshire represents all kinds of producers and brands whose activity is related to the countryside. Archery, falconry, and fishing are but a few of the exciting activities that take place at the Game Fair.

HM The Queen visits the game fair in 1974

Of course the 3 day event has more than enough to keep everyone busy. It’s become the annual calendar staple that represents a wonderful social and commercial opportunity for all. With more food and shopping than you could ever wish for, the Game Fair is no ordinary little country show.

This year Hartwell will be joining the many and varied brands at the Game Fair – taking a stand for the very first time. We cannot wait!

Why is it so special?

You can read a fantastic history of TGF in a piece written by Shooting UK here. For us, this year’s event takes on a much greater significance after we’ve all been denied so many basic freedoms due to the pandemic. Businesses, brands, rural communities and the wider country-loving public are all desperate to attend this year. The British summer simply isn’t the same without TGF and hence the 2021 event is set to be an extremely special one.


The British countryside births rich produce and endless opportunities to discover the world right at our feet. Fishing, hound shows, shooting, and cattle parades – after more than a year painstakingly suspended in time and space, British country fairs are definitely the 2021 breath of fresh air we all desperately need. And there is no country festival bigger, better or more diverse in its array of activities and opportunities as The Game Fair.

Come and see us and say hello at the Game Fair in Warwickshire, July 23-25, 2021.

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