Camilla and The Royals

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It’s very often the case that a team chat in the Hartwell clothing office over coffee and cookies can often result in a few blog topic ideas being thrown into the conversation and today’s blog is the result of one of those chats.

When reviewing lines that were selling really well our Camila Dress was one that stood out with both the Camila Turquoise Sunflower being very popular as well as the classic Camila Black and as we pondered, the conversation turned to King Charles consort Queen Camilla.

Camilla is well known for her love of the great British countryside as are all the Royals and many of them regularly take an active part in countryside pursuits.

We discussed how much of an effect The Royal Family has on the countryside and British farming and on country clothing styling.

Is Camilla looked on as a style icon and is Hartwell’s Camila Dress selling well because of the name association or because it’s a fantastically practical easy to wear dress for all types of occasions.

So we are sure you already know today’s blog focus. Let’s take a look at Camilla and The Royals.

All about Camilla

Camilla was born as Camilla Rosemary Shand at King’s College Hospital in London and was raised in East Sussex and South Kensington and educated in Great Britain, Switzerland, and France. In 1973, she married British Army officer Andrew Parker Bowles but the marriage ended and they divorced in 1995. 

It was then that Camilla met Charles and the gossip columns were filled with news of a Royal love affair. But far from just a dalliance Charles and Camilla In 2005, Camilla married Charles in the Windsor Guildhall, which was followed by a televised Anglican blessing at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

From their marriage until her husband’s accession to the throne as King, she was known as the Duchess of Cornwall.

Knowing his love of the British countryside, she supported his works on the Duchy Of Cornwall estates and embraced British countryside life.

The estate is run with a significant focus on organic farming and sustainable food production as well as a focus on the environment and tree planting as the Duchy is in partnership with Natural England in a program to naturally regenerate and expand local woodlands.

The Duchy’s estates are wonderful walking and hiking country and when you get the chance to visit then you are sure to be noticed if you are dressed in Hartwell as our wonderful countryside prints and floral images that deliver the vivid colours on our Ladies shirts, beautiful contemporary ladies country dresses and across our full range of chic and stylish quality country clothing will draw admiring glances.

And you never know your luck, if you’re out in the woodlands wearing a Hartwell Camila Dress and bump into their Majesty’s or certainly Camilla, what a great conversation starter.

On 8 September 2022, Charles became king upon the death of his mother, the nation’s much loved Queen Elizabeth II, with Camilla as queen consort. Charles and Camilla’s coronation took place at Westminster Abbey on 6 May 2023.

Camilla carries out public engagements representing the monarchy, often alongside her husband. She is also the patron, the president, or a member of numerous charities and organisations.

At one time the ever scathing press dubbed her dress sense and style as predictable by awarding her the title of ‘country Camilla’ which to us at Hartwell Clothing actually embodies some positive style moments rather than any negatives.

Camilla seemed able to avoid some of the frills and furbelows of changing fashion and those fisherman knits and tweedy skirts are prevalent in many old photographs of Her Highness.

Tweed is still a huge fashion staple for countryside folk and its robust nature makes it ideal for working the land and running stables or farm shops. But you can still be a little chic in tweed.

With the temperatures dropping a pair of our Mia tweed printed leggings are perfect for winter and spring, and if combined with Hartwell’s Katrina Tartan Wax Cotton Gilet you are embracing traditional country style in true Camilla fashion, but bringing wonderful chic design and modern fabrics into your outfit. Practical and fashionable, wearing Hartwell leaves you looking and feeling fabulous. 

With a bit of office research we found hints of Camilla’s free-spirited nature, as she was seen kicking off her shoes, walking along Derrynane Beach in County Kerry with Prince Charles and enjoying the feel of sand in her toes. (We wonder if The King did the same once they were out of camera shot?)

When The Royal Family gather at Sandringham or Balmoral their time is very much spent enjoying the bounty and beauty of the British Countryside.

We wonder if everyone is aware that you can actually stay on Balmoral Estate in one of the beautiful countryside cottages. Now if ever you needed an opportunity to top up the Hartwell Clothing wardrobe and make a contemporary countryside clothing statement, then that is a weekend away where you can wow even the royal watchers with your own personal fashion styling.

You would never feel underdressed in a Hartwell Ladies dress or a perfectly cut high quality country styled Blouse, and certainly never out of place on a shoot or in and around the stables.

We might even be so bold as to suggest that plenty of Royal household staff and maybe the family themselves would be keen to talk to you about your country clothing style statement.

If you wanted to live on a Royal estate and embrace countryside living, there are also cottages and commercial buildings for rent at Sandringham.

How’s that for a small business or cottage industry address!

Wrapping up The Royals

Constantly in the press and not always featured in the best of light by the mainstream media, the Royal family are now hopefully settling into a calmer period.

The immense work that they do for charities, environmental projects and supporting British business is immeasurable and they continue to be an icon of everything that is British and the Royal palaces, buildings, estates and events continue to attract millions of visitors every year.

We are confident that both King Charles and Queen Camilla would applaud Hartwell’s exciting partnership with Switch2zero which is our pioneering environmental initiative dedicated to promoting sustainability. Together, we’re taking a significant step towards creating a greener future by integrating tree planting with every purchase made on Hartwells website.

Camilla is a keen supporter of animal welfare and patron of many animal welfare charities, including Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and president of Brooke Hospital for Animals. She often visits other animal shelters to show her support.

So as far as Hartwell Clothing are concerned, as The Royal Family is intrinsically linked with everything that is great and good in the British Countryside, we are happy to fly the flag.

Live well, dress well, Hartwell.

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