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Guide on what to wear for winter celebrations, Bonfire Night

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Remember, remember the 5th of November, children and adults alike, all look forward to the delights of Bonfire Night. It’s traditionally the first real winter event which to many countryside folk, brings in the transition from autumn into winter and the great British public throw caution to the wind, braving the chilly night air for a wonderful evening of spectacular outdoor fun.

But as the Hartwell clothing team were discussing bonfire night one afternoon, we realised there are still outfit decisions to be made, so let’s take a look at your Bonfire Night options and some helpful tips.


On Bonfire Night you are most likely going to find yourself either standing in a muddy field, or you could be watching the fireworks from a local viewpoint for spectacular views, maybe you simply toasting marshmallows in the garden with family and friends, and a large drink or two, lots of options nowadays.

But one thing is guaranteed, Whether you decide to spend your bonfire night at a local firework event or in the comfort of your own back garden it’s going to be cold. Outfits under consideration are going to need to be warm, practical and flexible as you never know who you might meet at the hot dog stand or round the fire, so as we say at Hartwell Clothing,  keeping stylish is always important.

It’s probably already been time for the knitwear to come out, and having several options in the wardrobe is important. Hartwells Autumn/Winter 2022 collection has a fantastic range of solutions for keeping warm and looking stunning.

First item we want to mention as it is perfect for Bonfire Night is our wonderfully stylish Poppy Jacket, a lovely warm jacket made from nope yarn, wool and silk. Padded and beautifully lined, it will keep you warm without the weight of a heavy coat. Ideal for a night in the field enjoying the fireworks.

Maybe it looks like rain so you are thinking of a lightweight rain jacket, but you need to still ensure you stay warm as well as dry. Hartwells Ava pure wool gilet, just fits perfectly, plenty of body warmth, beautifully cut, but you wont get overheated, even roasting marshmallows.

So now we have mentioned rain, let’s look at Staying dry. The last thing you want is to have to head back to the car or run for shelter before the firework display has even finished because it’s started to rain. 

Hartwells June Wax Jacket will shield you from the elements so you can stay and enjoy the fun, and make a style statement whatever Bonfire Night event you’re dressing for. Made from UK fabric, its fitted style creates a more feminine aesthetic, plus there is a lovely suede collar.

But keep style even further intact in case of an unexpected pub visit or an invite to a friend’s with one of our gorgeous Ladies country style shirts underneath, to deliver the wow factor.

Once you have your torso sorted, make sure the legs are warm, while having a practical solution for mud, grass and the odd errant child with a ketchup laden hot dog, quality leggings are without a doubt the solution and can be worn with wellies or riding boots, as well as your much loved hiking boots

Know you’re going out to eat afterwards?, a pair of smart boots in the Land Rover or car and your leggings are multifunctional.

Last thing really to bear in mind is a little safety tip, as it’s dark on Bonfire Night, you need to stay visible, plus you will not want your little one to lose you in the crowd.

Play it safe with one of Hartwells vibrant colured 100% silk scarves, that not only will make you stand out in the crowd as a fashion guru, they can be easily spotted by friends, loved ones and children even on the darkest nights. And of course they are perfect for keeping any chill of the neck and ideal if the wind gets up to stop your hair flailing around as you try to enjoy the firework spectacle. 

And we must mention the men, because even men get cold as well, and of course still want to stay looking debonair and not bundled up like a sack of cloth.
More than ever the growth of Hartwells fantastic menswear range is being appreciated and with matching shirt options, wonderful countryside prints and vibrant colours, being noticed and looking smooth on Bonfire Night has never been easier.

The final sparkler

Look great and stay warm and dry, feel fantastic in the Hartwell whatever event you’re attending or organising, but also remember to stay safe.

Bonfire Night in the UK is a magical time and filled with breathtaking firework displays that light up the skies. Don’t let the fireworks be the only thing that people admire for colour, quality and style.
Live well, dress well, Hartwell

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