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How to catch the eye in 5 quick fashion lessons

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Over the last two years, social media seems to have become our primary form of self-expression and connection out of necessity. Certainly, with the limited opportunities during that time to showcase our fashion outfits, it was a much used alternative to going out.

But the fashion world has not been idle and certainly at Hartwell Clothing we have been hard at work with new items and designs for our online store and to keep our lovely UK stockists well supplied.

A noticeable trend on the up though is buying from smart and small retailers. Sustainable options and buying from independent small businesses are satisfying the trend of showcasing our personal fashion style in a manner that feels organic.

Fashion never sleeps, so we thought in this blog we would look at how to catch the eye for 2022 with some insight and tips.

Successful Dressing

For some, getting dressed is a chore and for others “like the Hartwell team” it’s a task to be relished and we love putting in the effort to dress seamlessly and successfully. Now don’t worry if you feel you are not graced with natural style, as many aren’t. Like any skill, the science of style can be learnt and your skills honed with the right guidance and, of course, the right clothes and accessories.

The first step would be maybe a simple list of those things that you love and that make your heart sing regarding fashion and clothes, and then to balance the Ying with some Yang, think about the things that irritate you and that you really dislike in an outfit or wearing.

Of course, it’s all about personal taste and looking at what outfits or styles make you feel confident, stylish and happy.

For some of our customers, its practicality. You want to look great at a Gymkhana or when riding, but it has to be practical for the activity. Our Hartwell running horse’s print ladies blouse with leggings or jodhpurs is perfect. 

Ensure You Always Look Stylish

It’s not only about the eyes, your outfit should deliver an emotional experience and make you feel good. You will surprise yourself on how simple changes can deliver a completely fresh look and alter the way you feel.


Long gone are the days where matching your outfit with your handbag or shoes was the norm. If you want to make an individual or a bold fashion statement, you can start by breaking the mould and embracing the use of clashing textures and prints. 

Probably a good idea to start small, unless you’re very bold with your changes, so we suggest neutral patterns such as stripes and then add textures like leather, paisley and knit in small amounts. Items such as a clutch, tie or scarf are perfect while you work on what works for you.

Take a look at Hartwell Clothings stunning Sabrina range of 100% silk scarves, in a great range of colours, for mixing and matching.


Now this might sound a little crazy at first, but you should work on becoming a better shopper. If you teach yourself a few simple lessons and set your goals and boundaries on how to shop for exactly what you want, you are less likely to mournfully survey a wardrobe of clothes that you have never worn or are not interchangeable.

It’s simple, if your individual wardrobe items comprise pieces you love, outfit or event styling, is a breeze.

You will have confidence in your style at corporate dinners, family occasions, country shows, and many other events. That confidence sees you never wearing your best “what am I going to wear” look.


You may already be familiar with the term balancing proportions, as it is much used regarding styling your outfits to create an overall aesthetic harmony. This is achieved by wearing clothes that are more closely fitted to your body shape. 

Something our Hartwell design team pays attention to when they are in creative flow.

Adding or experimenting with oversized clothes or non standard shapes is fine but our tip is “make it a fashion moment”. The outsized garment creates the accessorised look, but if you keep the rest of your look fitted, they maintain balance 

For example, a fitted ladies shirt or blouse with wide-leg jeans, delivers proportional balance, with style.


Accessorise is still a watchword in the fashion industry and a surefire way to ensure your outfit catches the eye.

Simply adding a scarf or a belt to your styling remains one of the easiest ways to make any outfit look more put-together. As above, it can also bring balance to a look that otherwise might not work, like a long cashmere sweater or billowy top or skirt.

Designers today still view jewellery as very much part of outfit styling and adorning your neutral coloured items with a large broach or small bag on a chain in a bright colour, can completely change your look.

Remember, it’s good to be different. Only you can decide how different you want to be.


Don’t be nervous about adding colour to your styling. Simply start with just one colourful piece, and if you’re more used to keeping the rest of your look neutral, that’s fine. See how you feel. 

For many people, once they find themselves more comfortable with colours in their wardrobe or accessory drawer, it opens up a riot of options that can take your outfit to an extraordinary level. It takes a little time and you will soon appreciate which colour combinations work best for your style. 

Why not take a look at a DIY paint colour chart for inspiration, or just take some photos when you’re out and about on a countryside walk?

At Hartwell Clothing we embrace colour as we are blessed with nature’s kaleidoscope of colours every day, and what better inspiration for design than the great British countryside?

The Wrap

Always remember that personal style is an experiment; you never know what amazing look awaits you until you’re in front of the mirror. The categories “menswear” and “womenswear” shouldn’t dictate how you shop. 

Take time to play with colours and shapes to find what looks great on your unique and very individual body.

One size does “Not” fit all.

Live well, Dress well, Hartwell.

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