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Introduction To Live Well, Dress Well, Hartwell

Thank you for the wonderful feedback we have received on our previous blogs, we’re glad so many of you enjoyed them. Our line ‘Live well, Dress well, Hartwell’ is not an empty advertising slogan – it draws on some real truths.

We will be expanding these in the future to cover some of the many aspects of “wellbeing”. Wellness and keeping ourselves healthy in mind and body has been something of a cultural phenomenon in recent years.

We know how great you look and feel when dressed in Hartwell Clothing and being well-dressed always invokes a pleasurable feeling, but we are complex creatures and with what hopefully looks like the end in sight of the pandemic in the UK, we want to focus on the good things in life.


SImproving Our Well Being

As we come out of what seems to have been a “forever” pandemic crisis, lots of people have felt the effects of multiple lockdowns, lack of social interaction and probably many of us have sat around eating and drinking too much.

So improving your feeling of wellbeing should be high on your list of goals.

We all love a good meal out at a lovely countryside pub or beauty spot restaurant, but when we are not exercising, it might be an idea to watch the Puddings!

Retail therapy is an area that can stimulate a glow of wellbeing and when you Shop with Hartwell you know you are purchasing clothes that fit beautifully, so showing off the figure in Hartwell is a bonus to the retail experience.

Exercise And Enjoy The Countryside

Ah, the joy of getting back to those lovely countryside walks and rambles, enjoying the clean fresh air and the beauty and splendour that nature offers.

With such a great selection of walks across Britain on our doorstep, it’s easy to get out and about. Riding, hunting, shooting also provide great exercise or you can get involved in some local sports or country pursuits.

Don’t forget to wear one of your collection of Great Women’s Country Shirts from Hartwell as you “take in the air”.


Eat Well

After all that air, the appetite will need satisfying, and with the British Countryside there is so much fresh produce, game, farmed meat and local delicacies you can eat healthily at every meal.

Wellbeing is about a mixture of positive experiences and flushing out the mind’s negative feelings with pleasurable exercise, wholesome food, looking great, and naturally feeling wonderful again.

The Mind

Don’t forget to find ways to train your mind to hold on to these feelings of wellbeing. The pandemic has caused a lot of mental anguish for many people and certainly the countryside community has suffered with businesses missing tourists and our much loved game fairs and country shows on hold.

So the mind needs a little pampering as well. Take some stops on your rambles, close your eyes and carry out some deep breathing exercises.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

So you’re feeling good and looking good, you’re out again and we would love to see your photos arriving once more of you lovely people dressed in Hartwell for our Spotted Wearing Hartwell Clothing gallery page.

The Wrap

We are excited about the new blogs we have planned to help embody feelings of wellbeing. We could all do with a well being boost!

As we continue to say, live well, dress well, Hartwell.

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