Silk Scarves and Why We Love Them!


Silk Scarves and Why We Love Them

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The clothing industry is universally characterised by trends and products that come and go, but one item that has remained with us for decades and is still recognised as one of the most iconic and versatile accessories in the fashion industry is the Silk Scarf. Adored by women across the world, the Silk Scarf inspires designers and creative women’s clothing brands like Hartwell, even today.

As you can see in the New In page of the Hartwell Clothing website, our range of Silk Scarves is increasing due to their popularity, so in this blog we are delighted to take a look at why we love Silk Scarves and the many uses they offer when you need to style the perfect outfit.


Humble Beginnings

The Silk Scarf has been a part of a ladies wardrobe since the days of ancient Egypt and around 1300bc the great Queen Nefertiti was using them to adorn headdresses.

Modern day icons of the Silk Scarf could be people such as early women flyers like Amelia Earhart who used them with impressive effect to add a touch of femininity to her flying togs. 50’s and 60’s movie stars such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn seemed to make the Silk Scarf their own and it was worn in many iconic movies in a variety of ways.

Being a timeless accessory it is still often found on today’s catwalks and certainly at many a British countryside events or evening dinners. The Silk Scarf can be seen more often than you realise with its subtle accessorising of outfits.


So Many Uses

One legendary use story that is often told when discussing silk scarves is that in 1959 Grace Kelly injured herself on a yacht owned by Aristotle Onassis and used her famous Silk Scarf as a medical sling. So more than just aesthetics to think about.

There are almost limitless uses which is why it is a timeless staple accessory to this day. Get some ideas from another of our recent blogs on the ultimate basics to style the perfect shooting outfit. We would say the Silk Scarf is almost a must have on a shoot.


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Whether draped across your shoulders, used as a traditional tie for evening wear, it showcases your creative style. Another modern day benefit is when out and about in the city it’s great for hiding your expensive jewellery from predatory, envious eyes.

Great for blustery countryside walks and riding, or on the beach they can be perfect as a head turban or sarong.


As men are blessed with ties to stylise, so the silk scarf can uniquely change an outfit with an array of colours and designs available. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get creative and they can be used over jackets or in between layers.

They are the perfect accessories with a Hartwell Country Shirt for all occasions. It’s about being timeless. And pure 100% silk always seems to bring out the very best of patterns, colours and design features. A quality silk scarf can make the plainest coloured business outfits “light up” with an array of colour and a large slice of style.

Wrap Up

Like thousands of women across the UK, we love them and can only see them increasing their longevity as a timeless and multipurpose accessory for all kinds of outfits. Lightweight enough to not make you sweat in the summer, but warm enough to swiftly bunch around your neck if the summer breeze in the countryside pub garden turns chilly.

So we invite you as always to Shop with Hartwell and get the wardrobe updated for Summer and Autumn and maybe add a Silk Scarf or two for those last-minute options.

Live well, Dress well, Hartwell.

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