Why Diet Plays Such An Important Role In Wellbeing

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There is an old saying that goes “You are what you eat” and the general meaning is that if you want to lead a fit and healthy life, then you need to eat healthy food.

But one man’s “Beef & Stilton Pie’’ nemesis is another man’s weekly delight. We are all different and our bodies require nutrition in many different ways, and although your diet plays a big part in a healthy lifestyle, there are other factors like exercise and hard work.

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So today the Hartwell team blog looks at why diet plays such an important role in your wellbeing. 

Simple What the experts say

The British Heart Foundation makes a very simple statement that also contains some useful advice. “A healthy diet can help reduce your risk of developing coronary heart disease and stop you from gaining weight, reducing your risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Everyone should aim for a well-balanced diet.”

Faddy crash diets may not provide the balance of nutrients you need.

But many people involved in the British Countryside either as workers, farmers or for leisure and following country pursuits will already have a great understanding of a balanced diet, exercise and healthy eating.

Another great saying which makes sense when you read the advice above is “A little of what you fancy does you good” and promotes moderation.

We are a complex organic species and our bodies require a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins to function, that includes fats, sugars and meat.

The UK National Health Service has taken up the live well, eat well mantra (of course I think we inspired them!) and have some expert advice on their website for balanced diet eating and healthy foods.

Getting The Balance Right

Luckily for us, country folk have an enormous range of healthy foods on our doorstep. Fresh fish from trout and salmon streams and langoustine from the loch’s.

Added to that, of course, fresh vegetables are an essential part of our diet, as is meat. Don’t forget that the body has survived for tens of thousands of years on meat. Why should it be thought of as such a bad part of your diet now, as long as you adhere to the rule of moderation.

Then of course we have fresh dairy products from grass fed herds, milk, butter, cheeses and our beautiful farm fresh eggs.

A growing pastime across the British countryside is foraging. Finding those natural herbs and wild greens, along with mushrooms and edible plants, can play a significant part in your healthy balanced diet.

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Diet And Wellbeing

A high-performance machine needs fuel, and the way you fuel your body affects your wellbeing. As mentioned above, we are blessed in the UK with a wide variety of wholesome farm produce foods that are great for increasing your wellbeing and if you eat well, then you should benefit from a newfound energy. 

A healthy body boosts a healthy mind, and with all the mental strain of the pandemic in the last 18 months, we could all do with a mental boost.

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Look and feel great and it will restore your wellbeing.

Lets Close

We enjoyed putting this together (although it made us hungry) and we hope you enjoyed reading it.

Remember to check out the latest Hartwell creations on the website.

Live well, dress well, Hartwell.

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