Zoom on Scottish farming

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Thinking of topics for our latest blog we were chatting in the office over doughnuts and cookies (oops we mean vegetable snacks) and the conversation focused on farming in the UK. We all enjoy a farmland walk or cycle ride …


Our love affair with British Deer

GemmaHartwell Clothing

It can be an exciting and almost heart stopping moment when you encounter your first wild deer while out and about in the great British countryside. Often only  a fleeting glimpse, but for some they are lucky enough to observe …

Layla White Beige Pheasants

British Countryside Stiles

GemmaHartwell Clothing

A walk across the beautiful British countryside would not be quite the same without the fun of navigating one of these charming country boundary crossings, known as stiles. Children will always run ahead to tackle them first and then watch …

Celebrating Independent Retail

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Since the pandemic gripped the world, the retail shopping industry has undergone a dramatic change in the way retailers do business and many have changed strategies to meet the growing online shopping demand which for a number of customers is …