Silk Scarves and Why We Love Them!

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Silk Scarves and Why We Love Them We are so fortuna The clothing industry is universally characterised by trends and products that come and go, but one item that has remained with us for decades and is still recognised as …

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Countryside Icons (part 2). Guinea Fowl.

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Icons of the British Countryside. Guinea Fowl. Although it is rare to see Guinea Fowl in large numbers across the British Isles, they are certainly there and although many are escaped birds from breeding farms; they bring an interesting diversity …


Icons of the British Countryside – the Pheasant

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Icons of the British Countryside – The Pheasant The lovable Pheasant is very much an icon of the British Countryside and intrinsic to many loved countryside pursuits. In fact, its immense popularity is behind numerous of our printed shirt designs …


Our Love/Hate Affair with Mr Fox

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What is it with Foxes?? I’m sure you must have noticed how foxes have become a normal aspect of the urban scene. But to older city-folk the fox, this somewhat remote, wily character of Aesop Fable fame, with his rather …

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The Staycation Age is Here!

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The Age Of The Staycation Unsurprisingly, for millions of us planning or booking a holiday, things are now very different from just 12 months ago, as the song from Bob Dylan aptly quotes “The Times They Are A-Changin”, so what …


History of the British Game Fair

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There’s nothing quite as British as an annual game or country fair. Sadly, these have been much missed over the last 12 months because of the pandemic, but the fantastic news is “they are back” as you may have read …