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Dressing for weekend breaks in Scotland

Gemma Hartwell Clothing

Despite what you may think, a weekend break in Scotland is popular across all 4 of Scotland’s seasons, and the dramatic changes in the Scottish countryside deliver a wider array of beautiful colours and visual splendour. Hartwell Clothings range has …

Hartwells at The Game Fair 2023

All Hail The Game Fair 2023

Gemma Hartwell Clothing

The final countdown has begun and the excitement is mounting as probably the largest, tweediest, most anticipated and celebrated countryside festival in Great Britain and possibly Europe celebrates its 65th anniversary this year. We are of course talking about The …

Summer walking in Scotland

Gemma Hartwell Clothing

A walking holiday is one of the healthiest and most enjoyable countryside experiences and the wilds of Scotland have some of the most breathtaking scenery in Great Britain.  The Hartwell Clothing team have first hand experience of walking in this …


Working with horses and in the stables

Gemma Hartwell Clothing

Early humans were active hunters of horses, and horse remains from the Ice Age were found in Pakefield, Suffolk dating from around 700.000 bc. The general consensus among historians is that the known history of the horse in Britain starts …

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How to dress like a Texas girl

Gemma Hartwell Clothing

Few in the world of fashion could deny that Texas is a fashion-conscious state with its ladies wearing everything from the stereotypical denim shorts, cowgirl boots and check shirt to Gucci, Armani, Prada and Valentino creations, draping the well-off ladies …